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With over 100,000 deployments, the platform is the natural choice for cloud-based CRM. It is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, and skilled implementation partners such as ITBconsult can adapt its features to suit specific business requirements of individual clients.

The platform supports third-party application development and customization. Many developers – including ITBconsult – have designed new features that enhance the standard offering and these then become available to the wider user community.

How does it work?

Once our consultants have captured your requirements, we review the detailed business processes and determine whether they are supported by the standard platform. We then look at the gaps and select the third party applications or application add-ons that meet your requirements. If none exist, we face two choices:

  • We work with you  to determine if specific features can be modified without compromising the outcome – allowing us to use existing applications
  • We customize the solution to provide the detailed functionality

“ITBconsult is one of our most experienced implementation partner in Europe and offers clients a wide range of complementary services for their SFDC solution “ [Partner Manager,]


ITBconsult applications cover invoicing, records management, and accounts reporting, and are developed exclusively for the platform. The following apps are available at the AppExchange store: